Scanning Mom

I finally got an all-in-one printer last week.  Not that I haven’t had one before but the long -ago model I got didn’t scan very well and the scanning/copying portion broke down in short order and I haven’t had the heart to try another till now.

This one has an excellent scanner and I’ve pulled out lots of old family photos and started scanning.  Thought I’d do a few posts with selections of them.

Some of these shots of Mom I got from digging through a bag of photos that has appeared without either of us knowing from whence it came.  And there’s a bunch of stuff in it I’ve never seen before including most of the baby/toddler shots of Mom.

And yes, if you’re thinking my grandparents look awfully old to have a baby, he was 52 and she 40 when my mother was born.  It’s a trend that runs through a bunch of my family; I have a great-grandfather who was born in 1820!

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One thought on “Scanning Mom

  1. Your mom is beautiful Leigh and you look so much like her! Good luck with the printer. I bought a new one a few years ago and it is sitting here waiting to be set up. I am not as tech savvy as I would like. thanks for sharing these pics.


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