Share Your World March 13, 2017

Cee’s Share Your World this week:

Do you push the elevator button more than once?  Do you really believe it makes the elevator faster?

The entrance to a typical style elevator found...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only if nothing lights up the first time I press.

Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneous (for example if you are visiting a big city you don’t know?)

Depends on the thing.  I plan at least the basics of a trip.  Or make a plan if I want to meet up with other people.  Otherwise, over the years of health issues, I mostly have to play it by ear so more things happen spontaneously and plans made ahead are often cancelled…

Describe yourself in at least four uplifting words.

Getting better every day.

If you had a choice which would be your preference salt water beaches, fresh water lakes, ocean cruise, hot tub, ski resort or desert? 

The deck with the hot tub… barely visible

Tough choices.  I love a nice walk on the beach but I’ve loved it equally at ocean side or on Lake Michigan during my Chicago area years.  I don’t live near either at the moment and my love of travel is declining so hot tub — if I had one — would sound awfully good.  There was a hot tub at the house I lived in in CA with a view of trees and valley and it was lovely to just sit and soak.  The edge of it is barely visible in the photo but it gives you an idea of the setting.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for venturing to a new healthy grocery with good prices and finding some things my regular shops quit carrying plus some new items I’ve not seen anywhere.  I’m looking forward to the weather getting a little warmer again.



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