What if the answer is not what our knee jerk says???

I’ve been participating in all the protesting and efforts to keep protections for social welfare  It’s my knee jerk position.  But I keep reading studies about the #45 base — the folks who believe him and the Republicans, think we’re lying and somehow imagine that the benefits they receive came from the GOP.

All those who study them say they absolutely do not change their minds — dialog is pointless– UNLESS something directly affects them.  So the big question that keeps running through my mind is this:  should we really be fighting to save welfare, hot lunches, after-school, etc.  Or do we need to get it that they have to actually lose stuff before they will believe a different reality?

If we want to change the tide are we really serving the greater good by blocking the GOP’s efforts?  Or would we serve better by letting them make stuff bad for a while and gaining a stampede to the left that will keep them out of power for a couple of generations?

Everyone talks like a change of the law will be permanent.  Seems to me, just as they can pass laws that take stuff away, when social democracy rules we can create new laws and programs that perhaps would serve people better. What if we need to think outside the box of social justice we’ve been in?


One thought on “What if the answer is not what our knee jerk says???

  1. I think you are spot on. I’ve been thinking about the wisdom of fighting for social justice for people who do not seem to want it. Children and the mentally ill need social justice and cannot fight their own battles. The others will have to learn the lesson of natural consequences. Good post.


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