Share Your World 5/15/17

Cee’s Share Your World this week:

How many languages do you you speak?

Depends on how fluent I have to be to be considered as “speaking” a language.  If real fluency and the ability to converse about multiple topics is the criteria, then one, English.

In French I can manage fairly simplistic conversations (best off talking to 5-year-olds 🙂 ) and I can understand rather more than I can speak, so I can follow along up to a point beyond my ability to participate (they speak many more words per minute than Americans so I have trouble keeping up when they go full speed) .

In Italian I can order in restaurants, ask directions, check in at a hotel, etc. and get through the basic hello, how are you stuff, but I’m out after that…

Somewhere along the way I figured out there are some major similarities among French, Italian and Spanish so I can work my way through some amount of Spanish text and sometimes pick out enough based on Italian and French root words to get the gist.  Can’t understand a bit if spoken to and, though in the past I learned just enough basic lingo to get through a Puerto Vallarta visit, I instantly forgot everything I memorized and now would have to dig to think up how to say hello.

I also memorized a smattering of words and phrases in Indonesian when I went to Bali and I didn’t even do too well with them then — remember zero now…

What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?

I’m reading Kate Carlisle’s Crowned and Moldering, the third of her Fixer Upper mysteries.   I’m also a fan (probably more so) of her Bibliophile mystery series.

I just finished watching the entire first season of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and was blown away by it.  Deeply thoughtful, well written (you know, for TV) and for once they got a cast of young folks who can actually act so they bring it to life in a heart-touching way.

Right this minute I’m listening to a “Daily Mix” list from Spotify in which they picked up on my long playlists of 70’s music — mostly what I’d call fusion (stuff like folk-rock, jazz-rock, etc.)– and have created lists that combine some of my stuff with similar items and other songs by people on my lists, etc.  Love it.  They also put together one based on my jazz lists that’s really good.

What was the last photo you took with your phone?


The photo of my yoga sandals that I took for last week’s Share Your World.  Of course after I wrote this part I decided to take photos of Mom’s flowers for the section below, so already this isn’t the last photo I took.

What is your favorite time of day?

During Daylight Savings Time I like the last couple of hours of sun.  It’s my favorite time to take a walk, in part because of the light and in part because in the summer that’s when it has cooled down enough to tolerate walking….  I also like to run errands after things have quieted down and I prefer to drive in daylight, so another reason to love DST.

In the winter I don’t know that I have a favorite time — I mostly just wait for Daylight Savings Time and longer days to return.  Since the last couple of hours of winter daylight are in the afternoon I can’t always take as much advantage of them as I do the early evening hours later in the cycle.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful Mom enjoyed both kinds of flowers and the chocolates I got her for Mother’s Day and we both enjoyed sitting out on the sun porch to have the dinner I made  — in peace; we’ve both reached the point where we shudder at the idea of one of those crowded holiday brunches where the noise level means Mom can’t hear anything and I get a migraine.  This weekend I’m signed up for a Patricia Cote-Robles event and will be attending with several friends I’ve not seen in ages — can’t decide if I’m more excited about the workshop or getting to see my pals!


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