Dear Democrats: about the vitriol

Not long ago I put up a post questioning Republicans.  Although I always vote Democratic since my favored party — Social Democratic — isn’t viable yet, I have no problem turning my critical eye on democrats.  I feel like the party has by and large lost touch with people and they need a big shift to get back on track.

I’m not trying to outline a complete plan here nor to address all the major issues.  But as I participate in some of the resistance groups that have sprung up, like Sister District, Act Blue, etc.  and try to help a bit with some of the “swing” campaigns, I’m noticing a lot of stuff I don’t like.

I’ve given money several times to Jon Ossoff‘s campaign, which has put me on their radar.  I have nothing against him, I hope he wins, so this is not meant to be an attack on him.  But those who are coordinating his campaign are driving me nuts and I’m using this as an example because this crap has become far too common:

  1. I get something like six — sometimes more — e-mails a day, bugging me for money.  Enough already.  Ask me once then leave me alone at least until the next day — preferably for a week…
  2. The headlines of most of these e-mails are things like “frantic”, “disaster”, “failure”, etc.  Not only is the melodrama annoying and a big turn-off, but on the rare occasions when I take a look at the actual e-mail it’s like a click-bait ad or one of those fake news stories — nothing in the e-mail explains the dire tone of the subject line.  What doesn’t fail is the request for more money.  I don’t want to feel like the people I’m voting for are engaging in the same objectionable tactics as the GOP I despise.
  3. The frantic requests for money are always linked to heinous GOP ads against him and tell me they need the money to respond.  I don’t want them to respond.  I especially don’t want them to respond in kind.  I’m sick of the hateful campaign ads.  Everyone I know is sick of hateful campaign ads.  I don’t want to help pay for more despicable ads.  Grass roots stuff is more effective and doesn’t cost a pile.  Ask for more volunteers.  If you are going to put up ads, made them about the candidate and what she or he stands for and/or intends to do and make sure I know that’s your plan for the ad campaign.
  4. One day when their e-mails informed me he was getting beaten I looked at the polls and found he was 7 points ahead in the latest one.  I can’t begin to tell you how pissed off I felt about being lied to.

Democrats here in Kentucky for some years now have stuck so thoroughly to the attack ads and hateful responses theme that I’ve often been confused as to who the democratic candidate was.  Those ads have turned me off for ages.  I’ve often said it’s a good thing they leave it unclear who the democrat is and that I just vote a straight democrat ticket (i.e. I don’t have to know the names) because if I went to the ballot box with awareness of who the perpetrators of hate were, I wouldn’t vote for anybody…

Chime in if you think I’m wrong, but I think most Americans are sick of the vitriol,  Just because that’s become common doesn’t mean you have to succumb to it.  I want to see candidates who rise above that muck and I don’t think I’m alone.

I’m tired of hyperbole, melodrama and so very tired of all the battle talk.  I don’t want us to be constantly at war or in a struggle or fighting against — I want us to be FOR positive outcomes, social welfare, etc.  I want us to be working on Germany’s great idea for tech schools specializing in many needed job skills to help people whose jobs have become obsolete find new employment.  I want to work FOR solar and wind power instead of yelling about fossil fuels.  I want us to be FOR universal health insurance and developing the best plan to make that happen.

So, okay Democrats.  Quit turning me off.  As the lesser of the evils, so far I’m still voting for you but that could change… This stuff, I feel, is why so many of us are choosing not to vote at all.


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  1. I think your point is well taken. But I wonder if this approach is popular because it was so successful for the Republicans. I cannot think of a current prominent politician who operates the way you suggest. Wish there were some because “fighting” is not the way to achieve unity, peace, and prosperity for all.

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