Another Ashland Walk

It’s taken a couple of years, having formed the resolution several times, to start going at least occasionally to Ashland (Henry Clay’s estate) to take a walk.  This is twice in a couple of months so, hey, I might be starting a habit 🙂

All previous visits have involved the parking area, which has several of the buildings nearby, the house itself and the walled formal garden.  Today I chose to park on the far side and walk on a couple of the pathways on the grounds.

I was quite surprised to find a marker informing me of a Civil War skirmish on the grounds — I knew there were battles not far from Lexington but don’t recall ever hearing of something right here in town — let alone in Henry Clay’s yard!

Had to snap a few photos.  Although I cropped some of them, the rest are all without any added enhancements–the light was amazing.