Republicans, Harvey and the Wall

Initially I was shocked the other night to read that Republicans are proposing to take one billion dollars away from the Hurricane Harvey relief fund and direct it to #45’s wall instead.  Then upon reflection I wondered why it surprised me…

I found myself wondering how all those Republican voters in Texas feel about this.  Personally I feel appalled at the callousness and at first my heart went out to all the suffering Texans.  Then it occurred to me we’re talking about staunchly Republican Texas and this is exactly what they voted for.  This is who Republicans have always been and lots of people have been voting against their own interests and in favor of the 2% for decades now.  So, I’m wondering if losing recovery help in favor of building the pointless wall a billionaire wants will suit them just fine?

On the chance that they’re going to feel thrown under the bus by this, a little part of me is wondering if this is a Machiavellian maneuver by fed-up Republican politicians to turn the tide of approval away from #45 so they can get rid of him without consequences?  Or at the least to put him in yet another awkward position, in that he’s trying to pretend he gives a crap about what’s happening in the flood/storm zone and yet he wants that wall?  Which will he choose if these are his only options?

Interesting times we’re in. Lots of folks operating out of world views I seriously do not understand.

Meanwhile I’m still chanting and meditating on heart and compassion, etc.  Seems needed in these times… At least I apparently still need them.


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