Saying farewell to TV faves

I acknowledge it, I watch too much TV.  Lots of years of not feeling well plus lots of living alone added up long ago to finding companionship in t.v. characters (who, when you’re not up to par, are SO undemanding 🙂 ).  For some years I’ve really listened more than watched, as I’m often reading and writing blogs while the “tube” keeps me company in the background.

My faves are usually what they call “character-driven” which, for me, in some cases means I love the characters so much I watch it even though the plots are often stupid –long-time fave N.C.I.S. would be one of those.  But I also like shows like This Is Us or Friday Night Lights that not only have great characters played by good actors, but also strong and compelling storylines.

This last year has seen the demise of so many shows I love, I’m feeling sad sometimes at the losses.  Major Crimes, with the cast of characters I started loving when it was The Closer, was maybe the first; an incomprehensible exit for a highly rated show the network decided didn’t fit its new direction (which mostly leaves me not liking to see even the trailers of their newer shows…).  I was particularly disappointed in the decision to kill off Captain Raydor, effectively forestalling any possibility of a pick-up by another network or streaming service.

I adored The Fosters from the first episode and would have happily continued watching for at least another season or three, but they decided to end it.  So in June I sadly watched the 3-part finale and now wait uneasily for the spin-off, which will feature one of my favorite characters and one of my least favorite with occasional appearances by some of the others.

Loving Nashville came as a bit of a surprise to me since I’m not a fan of country music, but I love Connie Britton so I’ll try any shows she’s in at least once.  I wound up loving all of it and now there are a bunch of other actors I’d watch at least once in anything…  well, maybe not horror or one of those cable dramas so dark the trailers make me want to give up on humanity 🙂  Now I’m sadly watching the final countdown to the end.  At least I’ll have my playlist of the music I’ve liked best from the show.

Code Black has been one of the better medical dramas in my humble opinion.  While I thought they made a mistake in getting rid of some of the first season cast and replacing them with — to me — interchangeably uninteresting new interns, I did like the addition of Rob Lowe.  I’ve always liked Marcia Gay Harden, so she guaranteed my first watch and everything else kept me coming back.  Next week is the series finale and I’m sorry to see it go.

Even though much of it was pretty silly, I loved Amazon’s quirky Mozart in the Jungle from my first view.  I’ve taken my time with the latest season since I sped through the others too fast and was disappointed to hear these will be the last episodes ever.

Those are just a few of the losses so I’ll be posting again with some more.


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  1. I adore TV so I empathize. I often latch onto shows that are not mass faves that have short shelve lives like joan of Arcadia. Love This is Us, so well done.


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