Shredded greens

Shredded kale

My recent cooking craze has been buying bags of organic baby spinach or kale and immediately running it through the slicer plate on the food processor.  I keep it in a plastic storage container, which seems to help it last longer.

It makes it easier to eat in salads; no big awkward leaves, no stems poking out all over…And even better it makes it ideal for dropping handfuls into scrambled eggs, soups, mashed potatoes, smoothies etc.  I get the great nutrition benefits and the chopped-up leaves blend nicely into various dishes without having to make another separate side dish.

Recently I’ve been using it to make my own version of Trader Joe’s Broccoli Kale Slaw.  Initially I liked theirs fine but they chop up stalks of the kale with the leaves and I hate the stalks.  Then there’s the high sugar content (from dried cranberries and their slaw dressing) and then the eventual shift from a higher broccoli to kale ratio to more kale less broccoli slaw… So mouthfuls of stalks.  I just decided I wanted my own.

So I pitch some of my shredded leaves into a bowl, add broccoli slaw on top of that, then some shredded carrots (I buy them that way) followed by half a diced avocado and some lightly toasted cashews.  I toss with a nice no-added-sugar balsamic vinaigrette.  Ta da!  A healthier salad with no sugar, and no stalks.  Add a bowl of soup and it’s a perfect dinner.

And I love tipping handfuls into anything else I can think of 🙂