Chocolate Avocado Joy in a Bowl

Chocolate Avocado Joy in a Bowl I started out with a recipe for chocolate avocado mug cake.  I quickly decided the mug made it harder – especially because my mugs are mainly a collection of artisan crafted pottery mugs I’ve collected for years at fairs and artisan shops–interesting shapes but awkward for this.  After the […]

Mother’s Day at Buck Pond Farm

My childhood friend Cecy Rose came to town for the weekend.  When we met I was 12 and she 13 and she lived here, down the street from my aunt and grandmother, and I lived in Michigan.  Now I’m here in Lexington and she’s in West Virginia.  We’ve been friends all these years. As kids, […]

Ivanka didn’t know???

Okay, after reading the news of Ivanka using private e-mail instead of gov, in violation of law, and that she’s claiming she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to, my mind has been spinning. Seriously?  After her dad started in on Hilary’s e-mails over two years ago and hasn’t shut up about it since? So I […]