Raw food, greens and things

Over on my main blog, I’m doing some posts about how our healthy or not healthy bodies affect the health of Earth.  This exploration includes taking a look at various aspects of eating, exercising, and sleeping for maximum health.  My belief is that every body has its own best diet, exercise and sleep plan and […]

Food and Creating Reality

For many years I’ve been contemplating the question whether we create reality as to food or whether food dictates our reality — and I’ve blogged about it before.  You could say it’s a bugaboo of mine… I really believe that our thoughts create/shape reality.  For me that includes food.  My thoughts about food can impact […]

The One True Diet!

For some years I’ve been regularly amazed by the many people who find a diet that works for them–by which I mean improves health and energy with weight loss as more of a secondary outcome–and then start telling everyone else that it works for everyone and is the One True Diet that will Heal All […]

Food theories: I ask “What about the Italians?”

Since I’m posting about cooking here I thought I’d occasionally mention some of my general thoughts about food and diets.  I’m old enough to have been through the phase when pasta was fattening, followed by the phase when pasta was the diet food of choice, followed by pasta being possibly the devil’s food and when […]