Turmeric Ginger Tea Another Way

The last time I posted about turmeric ginger tea I gave a recipe for making one cup with dried spices.  I like the taste better with fresh but I’ve been unwilling to peel and grate on a daily basis.  I finally tried an experiment last month with making a big batch (i.e. one big round […]

Turmeric Ginger Tea

In the last six or eight months I’ve been doing a lot of research about alternative health care possibilities to help my mother with her unending arthritis pain.  I was very impressed by some medical school studies on turmeric and the positive results from drinking turmeric ginger tea. They found that participants who cut out […]

Raw food, greens and things

Over on my main blog, I’m doing some posts about how our healthy or not healthy bodies affect the health of Earth.  This exploration includes taking a look at various aspects of eating, exercising, and sleeping for maximum health.  My belief is that every body has its own best diet, exercise and sleep plan and […]

Small Pleasures: Coffee and vision

After participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge — and the subgroup Nano Poblano– I’ve been looking at some of the other challenges offered on WordPress.  Came across this weekly challenge for Sundays:  Small Pleasures, which invites us to post about small pleasures of the last week, in whatever form — photos, lists, essays, etc. 1.  Early […]

Chocolate Coma Avocado Mousse/Pudding

Been doing some tweaking to the basic chocolate avocado mousse recipe with which I began (see previous post).  Think I’ve got it.  Now if you’re a health food purist, my tweaks may not be healthy enough for you though I don’t think there’s anything terrible in here.  But this is SO chocolate-y and yummy.  Because […]

Food and Creating Reality

For many years I’ve been contemplating the question whether we create reality as to food or whether food dictates our reality — and I’ve blogged about it before.  You could say it’s a bugaboo of mine… I really believe that our thoughts create/shape reality.  For me that includes food.  My thoughts about food can impact […]