What if the answer is not what our knee jerk says???

I’ve been participating in all the protesting and efforts to keep protections for social welfare  It’s my knee jerk position.  But I keep reading studies about the #45 base — the folks who believe him and the Republicans, think we’re lying and somehow imagine that the benefits they receive came from the GOP. All those […]

Are Republicans thinking anything through? Or, where is this agenda going?

I’ve spent much of my adult life having strong opinions about certain political issues but not a lot of interest in politics. I’m more of a Social Democrat or Socialist than a Democrat but I always vote for Democrats because I tend to favor taking care of people and the environment, etc. and my preferred […]

Cell Phones, Social Media and me

Although I participate in a lot of computer-related stuff and am a member of various social media sites, in many ways I’m out of step with the times about all this.  I do love blogging, but I’ve never taken to most social media and I really don’t like cell phones… I’ve been feeling like I […]

Why Hilary is okay with me

Although I’ve voted a straight Democrat ticket in every election of my adulthood (that’s since 1974, in case you’re wondering), I’ve never really considered myself a Democrat.  I’d been politicized by the time I reached 21 and, if we had a strong and viable socialist or social democrat (as in Denmark) party, my votes would […]

How did we forget Elizabeth Jane Howard?

[[ I first encountered Elizabeth Jane Howard when I found a new edition of her early novel, The Long View, at a small independent bookstore in San Francisco in 1991.  The book instantly soared to my top five all time favorites list and has remained there ever since. A brilliant study of a marriage, the […]

More on the NOT IMPROVED WordPress Posting Experience

This week the day I’ve been dreading finally arrived (see previous post).  At first it seemed I could no longer do a back door sneak into the old WordPress editor I love, leaving me only able to use the seriously not improved experience on all three blogs…. Except I accidentally found out how to get […]

TV and that coughing thing

Has anyone else noticed that in recent years any ailment there is is now portrayed on TV as having a cough associated with it?  Any time a character is ill, at some point they’re coughing while looking miserable.  Whether or not the illness or injury would ever involve a cough. Poisoned?  Hack, hack, hack.  Broken […]

WordPress’s not improved posting experience

  Ever since WP unveiled the “improved” new posting experience some months ago I have tried it periodically and found it frustrating and not easier but more difficult than the old supposedly less good experience. Through the entire time that you could choose, I kept trying the new and then choosing to go back to […]