Ivanka didn’t know???

Okay, after reading the news of Ivanka using private e-mail instead of gov, in violation of law, and that she’s claiming she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to, my mind has been spinning. Seriously?  After her dad started in on Hilary’s e-mails over two years ago and hasn’t shut up about it since? So I […]

Women in collusion?

In the midst of the rising tide of stories of wrongdoing by men, I find myself feeling uncomfortable about more than my life-long knowledge of men’s generally condescending and sexually-based attitudes toward women.  One discomfort stems from a growing fury I’ve felt for years at younger generations of women who seemed to throw away all […]

Republicans, Harvey and the Wall

Initially I was shocked the other night to read that Republicans are proposing to take one billion dollars away from the Hurricane Harvey relief fund and direct it to #45’s wall instead.  Then upon reflection I wondered why it surprised me… I found myself wondering how all those Republican voters in Texas feel about this. […]

Dear Democrats: about the vitriol

Not long ago I put up a post questioning Republicans.  Although I always vote Democratic since my favored party — Social Democratic — isn’t viable yet, I have no problem turning my critical eye on democrats.  I feel like the party has by and large lost touch with people and they need a big shift […]

What if the answer is not what our knee jerk says???

I’ve been participating in all the protesting and efforts to keep protections for social welfare  It’s my knee jerk position.  But I keep reading studies about the #45 base — the folks who believe him and the Republicans, think we’re lying and somehow imagine that the benefits they receive came from the GOP. All those […]

Are Republicans thinking anything through? Or, where is this agenda going?

I’ve spent much of my adult life having strong opinions about certain political issues but not a lot of interest in politics. I’m more of a Social Democrat or Socialist than a Democrat but I always vote for Democrats because I tend to favor taking care of people and the environment, etc. and my preferred […]

Why Hilary is okay with me

Although I’ve voted a straight Democrat ticket in every election of my adulthood (that’s since 1974, in case you’re wondering), I’ve never really considered myself a Democrat.  I’d been politicized by the time I reached 21 and, if we had a strong and viable socialist or social democrat (as in Denmark) party, my votes would […]