Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

I’ve been absent from these challenges for quite some time, starting from breaking my camera and moving onto bad weather, ill health, etc.  And now I’m going to come back with an old photo instead of taking a new one. This picture I took while house sitting at my old home in Corte Madera, CA […]

WPC: Tiny

Late again for WPC. I almost didn’t do this one.  In fact, technically I didn’t go out to get a “tiny” shot.  Instead, I took my Fire outside on one of the nights of the “Super Moon”.  Mostly I wanted to see it, but thought I’d get a shot.  And experiment with the Fire, which […]

The trip to Flint 2016

As my regular followers know, my mother and I started making annual visits back to my hometown 11 or 12 years ago.   This year it was touch and go.  We planned to go in June instead of September–just changing things up–but Mom had a series of health issues that added up to postponing. To some […]

WPC: Transmogrify

I must admit this challenge pretty much left me scratching my head.  Nothing local came to mind as a place to head with my camera.  I did keep flashing on the painted horse project from some years back. Artists were given blank white horses to paint and their creations were showcased all over town. They […]