Start the Revolution Without Me?

This is one of those posts I’ve debated about for a while — which blog?  which blog?  I’ve been doing some occasional political pieces on the Scribblings blog, but ultimately I decided this one has messages that suit both.  So I’m posting on both– not even a reblog just the same post in two places… Lately […]

Weekly Small Pleasures: Thanks for no wilderness adventure

Earlier in the week I posted on the Not Just Sassy blog about my long healing journey. Then a few days later I watched an old Super Soul Sunday I’d picked up, in which Oprah interviewed Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild*. View image | Her story is amazing and I was really impressed.  But as […]

Losing Then, Losing Now

The 15th assignment for writing 101 arrived on the heels of finding out that a 17-year-old restaurant in town is closing its doors.  The assignment:  Think of an event you’ve attended and loved and imagine that it it’s been canceled or taken over.  Jonathan’s is more of a destination than an event.  But it has […]

Fear of being consumed

Louise Gallagher, in her blog A Year of Rejoicing, wrote a post that’s had me thinking deeply.  She talked about not writing — even though she loves it — because she’s afraid of being consumed by it.  I issued an inner gasp as it’s been tweaking the outer edges of my consciousness for some years […]