More on the NOT IMPROVED WordPress Posting Experience

This week the day I’ve been dreading finally arrived (see previous post).  At first it seemed I could no longer do a back door sneak into the old WordPress editor I love, leaving me only able to use the seriously not improved experience on all three blogs…. Except I accidentally found out how to get […]

Improve your Blog’s Reach

I had a lot of trouble reblogging this and it finally wound up on the other blog.  Now it won’t let me do it again onto this blog.  But this is a good list of twitter blog shares if you want to improve traffic Improve your Blog’s Reach. via Improve your Blog’s Reach.

WordPress’s not improved posting experience

  Ever since WP unveiled the “improved” new posting experience some months ago I have tried it periodically and found it frustrating and not easier but more difficult than the old supposedly less good experience. Through the entire time that you could choose, I kept trying the new and then choosing to go back to […]