Chicken instead of turkey? An easier path…

I’ve posted a few times about making the switch several years ago from cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving to cooking this far easier chicken, sage and sausage dish.  Nigella Lawson has this basic recipe with slight variations in more than one spot on the internet. There are several things I particularly like about this recipe.  […]

No No NaNoWriMo

In the end it wasn’t so hard to decide.  Health and sleep are still so up and down that I can’t commit to anything that requires me to have a few good hours every day.  And there’s that Thanksgiving priority.  I love Thanksgiving.  Since I love fixing a feast and I’ve perfected a two week […]

November Writing Challenges — Will I or Won’t I

  The time has arrived again to sign up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)and I’m feeling torn.  On top of that Rara over at Rarasaur brought up National Blog Writing Month and that intrigued me (sorry can’t find her post to give a specific link).  As I mull and wonder and try to decide the one […]

Slow start to writing camp…

Second attempt at writing month and again I’m behind.  In the dilemma between the e-book and the novel, I decided to do the novel and then when Camp NaNoWriMo started the channel opened and the e-book started to flow.  For several days I stayed indecisive and finally realized I needed to take advantage of the […]

Oh boy, the writing challenge…

Day 7 of NaNoWriMo just began and I’m already thousands of words behind the goal. I should be finishing out 10,000 words and I’m barely at 6,000. I’m realizing as I move into it that for a person who’s somewhat at the mercy of health issues that interfere with sleep, this is an ambitious undertaking. […]