Turmeric Ginger Tea

In the last six or eight months I’ve been doing a lot of research about alternative health care possibilities to help my mother with her unending arthritis pain.  I was very impressed by some medical school studies on turmeric and the positive results from drinking turmeric ginger tea. They found that participants who cut out […]

Small Pleasures: all that skating

The only sport I follow is figure skating — thirty some years.  So the U.S. Figure Skating Championships count big for me. I recorded it all and meted out watching over the week. This weekend, I forgot for most of it that the Super Bowl was happening and didn’t know who was playing. Nope, the […]

Butternut Squash Pear Soup–Heaven in a Bowl

I have all three of Anna Thomas’s Vegetarian Epicure books and all have recipes that figure regularly in my cooking repertoire.  The one I almost always keep on hand is Butternut Squash Pear Soup from her New Vegetarian Epicure*.  Made a double batch last week and am thrilled to have a big supply in my freezer. I’m […]

Thanksgiving – dressing update

A few years ago I posted my Thanksgiving menu with recipes; all of them tweaked to reflect a no wheat no dairy diet.  I’ve tweaked the dressing a bit more, so thought I’d give an update. The original dressing recipe came from Barefoot Contessa. I first tweaked it by using gluten-free stuffing cubes from Whole […]

Chocolate Coma Avocado Mousse/Pudding

Been doing some tweaking to the basic chocolate avocado mousse recipe with which I began (see previous post).  Think I’ve got it.  Now if you’re a health food purist, my tweaks may not be healthy enough for you though I don’t think there’s anything terrible in here.  But this is SO chocolate-y and yummy.  Because […]