The One True Diet!

For some years I’ve been regularly amazed by the many people who find a diet that works for them–by which I mean improves health and energy with weight loss as more of a secondary outcome–and then start telling everyone else that it works for everyone and is the One True Diet that will Heal All […]

Oh boy, the writing challenge…

Day 7 of NaNoWriMo just began and I’m already thousands of words behind the goal. I should be finishing out 10,000 words and I’m barely at 6,000. I’m realizing as I move into it that for a person who’s somewhat at the mercy of health issues that interfere with sleep, this is an ambitious undertaking. […]

Finding the playful me

Fellow blogger Tracie Louise has just created a new line of t-shirts and stickers. The above picture is one of the designs you can buy at Redbubble. I think they’re so lovely I asked her for permission to use the pictures and share the link to the order site. I posted the first–”be happy”–on Notes […]

Straddling two blogs…

As I relax and meditate and mull my spiritual blending issue (see previous post) I’ve also been mulling my blogs. I still like this title and look and still feel committed to the theme of the Bluegrass Notes blog. And I’m realizing that the issue between the two is not dissimilar to the issue in […]

Which religion is it anyway?

Okay, I haven’t been able to let this one go; every time I think it’s gone I start puzzling it over again. Last fall during the Sing-Off (yes, after some years of church choir and school groups–both a cappella choir and girl’s chorus—I’m a big fan) the groups were assigned numbers to sing a few […]